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Smart Communications.

No nonsense.

Redmond Harvey Communications is an award-winning agency that gets straight to the point. It is our no bull-sh*t approach to marketing that makes us effective. So much so, we even got an award for it. 

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What We Do

We build


We shout 


We celebrate


We gossip 

Public Relation

We share

Social media

Our Values

Be Better. 

We work with smart CEOs and straight-talking businesses that want direct results. We believe everything can be better, so we challenge everything, even ourselves, we even wrote it into our values. 

Deliver Always. 

We welcome big challenges, tricky briefs and we love a tight deadline. For us: "NO" and "CAN'T" are not options, they are the jumping-off point to start negotiations.

Add Value. 

We are a bunch of high-frequency, over-achieving misfits, each with our very own super-power. As a collective we are greater than the sum of our parts and we believe that if we each hire someone bigger than us, we will become a company of giants.

Our founder, Holly Redmond-Harvey, came from an agency background and recognised that the corporate model was broken. By turning the "big agency" model on its head, Redmond Harvey have a modular approach to projects, with a core team and expert freelancers and agencies are bolted on to save clients time and money.

How we Do It

Every project is different. So, every team is different. We curate a 100% bespoke team for every project we work on to ensure you have the best team, the best results at the lowest cost.  

Step One. 

We understand your business needs. This can be financial goal, an ambition, or even a dream you had once - believe us, we have heard it all!

Step Two. 

We build your team. We believe in "jack of all trades, master of none" and so we don't claim to be the best at everything. But we do know the best and where they live. With an extensive network of the best in the business from across the world, we'll build you a rock-star team.

Step Three. 

We set the strategy and timeline. We map specific, measurable objectives to achieve the business needs for the project. Then we get to work. 

Step Four. 

Finally, we deliver on what we say and we have the results to prove it. 

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Our Team

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